our dunedin show was pretty fun. finally get to release some new doprah tracks soon

any followers come to our doprah dunedin show last night?

My cat (Carl) Sagan and the neighbor cat are BFFs

My cat (Carl) Sagan and the neighbor cat are BFFs

Just got our proposal back from the publicist we are going with. this is them here http://grandstandhq.com/ . 

Basically i’m freaking out at how awesome everything they said is.

got told i would get a rough cut of stranger people today but its 9.53 and i dont have it so i’d say its not happening. THE ANTICIPATION IS EVIL

this new doprah song. fuck.

need to make a crippling anxiety group for chch. we can all be anxious together.

any 48 hour film teams need a composer?

Filmed two music videos in the last month. The last of the two is the best video we will EVER have probably. It’s looking that good. 

just kidddddiiiinnnngggg